The campaign is devoted to the investigation of the fact of Russia’s occupation of the independent Kuban republic in 1920 and the subsequent crimes of the Russian/Soviet authorities in our territory up to the present. These include:

• repressions, deportations, collectivization, artificial hunger, forced Russification — all that can be qualified as acts of genocide of the local population;

• other harmful acts committed by central and local authorities during the occupation.

The result we want to achieve

Our goal is to draw the attention of the world community to the atrocities that Russia has committed against the people of Kuban. Russia doesn’t want properly notice its crimes. The campaign is designed to demonstrate that the federal, democratic institutions in Russia are nothing more than imitations, but in reality the relations of the center and the regions are the relations of the metropolis and the colonies.

Kuban must be recognized as an occupied territory, and the crimes of the Russian/Soviet government are condemned. Since we do not wait of any willingness of the Russian authorities to bear responsibility voluntarily, we consider it necessary to increase pressure on Russia by imposing new international sanctions.

What we will do

The result of the campaign should be a report with linked letters, with a description and analysis of events and references to sources of information, compiled in at least 3 languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian. The report will be published online, as well as sent to various international organizations (including the UN, OSCE, etc.), governmental and non-governmental structures of various countries (including the US, EU, Ukraine, etc.).

In addition to the movement’s own resources, it is planned to collaborate with various organizations, public figures and specialists for the campaign. We also take into account and support the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation.

All questions and suggestions regarding this campaign you can send us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte or email address

Events of campaign

July, 2019

Plan of the report is presented. Report will be divided into the several chronological parts:

1. Period from the Civil War to the Second World War (1917-1939)

2. Period from the Second World War to the collapse of the USSR (1939-1991)

3. Modern Russia (after 1991)