Bases of the foreign politics

The Independent Kuban movement is based on the principles of priority of international law, peaceful foreign policy and international cooperation. In this program, we explain some specific issues related to relations with neighbors and international structures.

Position on the Russian Federation

Our movement stands for the separation of our region from the Russian Federation and creation of an independent Kuban state. At the same time, we understand that we are unlikely to get independence on our own. To gain independence, it is necessary to completely dismantle the «state» (and in fact — the colonial-criminal) formation of the Russian Federation, that is the collapse of Russia into independent states and territories that will become parts of neighboring countries.

Therefore, our movement, in addition to promoting the ideas of independence of the Kuban region, supports the idea of the collapse of Russia. Of course, the main factors in the future collapse of the Russian imperialism are the clumsy actions of its leadership and the political passivity of the population, but this does not exempt us from the need to help in the elimination of this «state». We are ready to cooperation with any anti-Russian liberation movements and activists whose ideas and methods do not contradict our own.

As for our neighboring regions, which are now parts of the Russian Federation, questions of future cooperation with them remain open. In particular, we allow the possibility of creating a supranational entity or a confederation of Kuban, Don and Stavropol.

The question of borders with other regions at this stage also remains open, since the historical lands of «Malinowy Klin» are now located not only in the Krasnodar Krai, but also in the Rostov Oblast and in the Stavropol Krai. These issues can be resolved sooner at the stage of building an independent state.

Position on Ukraine

We respect the historical homeland of the ancestors of many of us — Ukraine. Nevertheless, it is necessary to divide the issues of inter-state relations and ethnic-cultural roots. We are in favor of close friendly relations with the state of Ukraine, but the solution of the issue of closer union depends on specific historical circumstances and convenience for the parties. Our priority is integration into the European community, and if, for example, Ukraine turns away from the vector of European integration, then we are not on the path with Ukraine.

Our movement supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. We recognize Crimea as the territory of Ukraine occupied by the Russian Federation and do not recognize any legal personality for the Kremlin’s puppet «republics» in Eastern Ukraine.

Position on Georgia

We also support good-neighbourly relations with Georgia in the future and support the territorial integrity of Georgia.

Position on Turkey

We consider it necessary in the future to maintain and develop friendly and partnership relations with Turkey under the conditions of the non-interference of the Turkish state in the internal policy of Kuban and the absence of the Turkey’s claims to our territories.

International association

Joining the UN is a matter of course for the future independent Kuban state. Joining the European Union and NATO is also a priority. It is difficult to predict what will remain of Russia in the foreseeable future, but we can assume that even a significantly reduced Muscovy (especially if it retains nuclear weapons, which we of course would not like) will pose a threat to its former territories and will continue to cherish its imperial ambitions by inertia. That is why we do not consider the option of any international neutrality or «non-blocs» totally: we are in favor of the Western path of development and the search for partners.