Malinowy Klin

(Independent Kuban) - is a political association of patriots of Kuban

We are sure,

that under the rule of the Kremlin, our region does not fully realize its potential and wastes its cultural identity

We stand for

the separation of Kuban from Russia and for the European way of development of the future Kuban state



International open letter

with a request to support the Kuban liberation movement


of liberation movement in Kuban


Our project exists by resources of its participants. If you want to help the movement, you can become our volunteer: participate in the formation and distribution of content, conduct public campaigns, make translations of materials, etc.

We try to ensure maximum confidentiality and security for the volunteers living in the territories under the control of the Russian authorities, and in turn we expect them to behave prudently, taking into account the Russian realities.

We are also not against financial support including sponsorship

For all questions, including volunteering and funding, you can write to us by email or in personal messages of the pages in social networks (for reasons of your security, we do not recommend discussing such topics via